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Elton plays Adelaide


I officially love my camera.

Well last night fulfilled a dream and saw a living legend - again hahah. Cher, Sir Elton, Kylie next week - which ultimate star is next? (Come to Adelaide Madonna, and don't play your new stuff). 25 years old and Chris and I *REALLY* felt young let me tell you - but we spotted heaps of people our own age part way through the concert and it was awesome. Lots of people were wearing MASSIVE novelty glasses. I had on my fedora hat and suspenders and had a lot of (severely underdressed) people staring at me - I'm like, HONEY WE'RE HERE FOR ELTON STOP LOOKING AT ME!! (I must say since it was 42 degrees I nearly MELTED until we got into the auditorium).

As soon as "Funeral for a Friend" came on I was a tad emotional haaha. Everyone roared - let me say, I've done concerts and things in Adelaide and the crowds are usually pretty dense here - but these guys were awesome. EVERYONE was so involved, it was a great crew. And Elton is such a great performer - after every song, when the audience are going nuts, he gets up and bows to every part of the stage. So awesome. Personally I was near tears for "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" as I love that song and something within me couldn't grasp the concept that Elton John was actually in the room singing it :) We linked arms and waved and sang the entire thing. I sang the entire "Take Me to the Pilot" as well, and was bopping along to that one, as was a couple of ladies around us. I love that song- na na naaaaaa, na na naaaaaa...


Elton said how glad he was to be in Adelaide. Everyone laughed at his "Though it's a shame it's not warm". Adelaide struck 42 degrees that day :) Also said how disappointed he was in the Grammys - Bob Dylan not being recognised. The whole audience cheered.

ELTON DID "SACRIFICE" Much love. And the extended Rocket Man was awesome.

He only did two songs from CatK which was a bit disappointing because I haven't heard the title track - and thought perhaps he'd sell "Tinderbox" a bit over "Postcards from Richard Nixon" which I'm not the biggest fan of. But I do love "The Bridge". It speaks a lot personally about the year I've had, so I got a lot from it. Speaking of not in setlist: "Kiss the Bride", "Nikita", "Club at the End of the Street", "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - sure the 70's ones are the classics that we all want to hear though, and the show WAS already at 2.5 hours :)

After two of me faves; "Candle in the Wind" and "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word", things kicked over with the addition of "I'm Still Standing" - this is where the Adelaide crowd impressed me. On the floor, there was not ONE person sitting down from "I'm Still Standing" until the end of "Saturday Night's Allright for Fighting". Those four songs (inc. "Crocodile Rock" and "The Bitch is Back") were a powerhouse. Hundreds of people were literally running from the back of the theatre to the foot of the stage - I hear Elton has a 'hands off' rule to security guards at venues, at shows I've been to the security has held us back - but everyone was free to go up. Crocodile Rock was my favourite part of the show, as everyone joining in, Elton climbing all over his piano, and his entire band stopping playing just so we can sing the "Na Na NAAAAAA" - I love it. After the rock songs he did the signing of autographs, what a legend. Wish I was that close lol.

Crocodile Rock

Of course he came back again; and one last time for "Your Song". The ENTIRE auditorium sung this song. I'm serious - I'm sure there were probably two or three people who weren't singing it - the rest of us; this ones for you.

Crocodile Rock

Funeral For A Friend...Love Lies Bleeding
Bennie And The Jets (extended)
Philadephia Freedom
Rocket Man (extended)
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
Tiny Dancer
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Take Me to the Pilot
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Postcards From Richard Nixon
The Bridge
Candle In The Wind
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
I'm Still Standing
Crocodile Rock
The Bitch Is Back
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Your Song
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