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Elton plays Adelaide 
11:05pm 10/12/2006


I officially love my camera.

Well last night fulfilled a dream and saw a living legend - again hahah. Cher, Sir Elton, Kylie next week - which ultimate star is next? (Come to Adelaide Madonna, and don't play your new stuff). 25 years old and Chris and I *REALLY* felt young let me tell you - but we spotted heaps of people our own age part way through the concert and it was awesome. Lots of people were wearing MASSIVE novelty glasses. I had on my fedora hat and suspenders and had a lot of (severely underdressed) people staring at me - I'm like, HONEY WE'RE HERE FOR ELTON STOP LOOKING AT ME!! (I must say since it was 42 degrees I nearly MELTED until we got into the auditorium).

As soon as "Funeral for a Friend" came on I was a tad emotional haaha. Everyone roared - let me say, I've done concerts and things in Adelaide and the crowds are usually pretty dense here - but these guys were awesome. EVERYONE was so involved, it was a great crew. And Elton is such a great performer - after every song, when the audience are going nuts, he gets up and bows to every part of the stage. So awesome. Personally I was near tears for "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" as I love that song and something within me couldn't grasp the concept that Elton John was actually in the room singing it :) We linked arms and waved and sang the entire thing. I sang the entire "Take Me to the Pilot" as well, and was bopping along to that one, as was a couple of ladies around us. I love that song- na na naaaaaa, na na naaaaaa...


Elton said how glad he was to be in Adelaide. Everyone laughed at his "Though it's a shame it's not warm". Adelaide struck 42 degrees that day :) Also said how disappointed he was in the Grammys - Bob Dylan not being recognised. The whole audience cheered.

ELTON DID "SACRIFICE" Much love. And the extended Rocket Man was awesome.

He only did two songs from CatK which was a bit disappointing because I haven't heard the title track - and thought perhaps he'd sell "Tinderbox" a bit over "Postcards from Richard Nixon" which I'm not the biggest fan of. But I do love "The Bridge". It speaks a lot personally about the year I've had, so I got a lot from it. Speaking of not in setlist: "Kiss the Bride", "Nikita", "Club at the End of the Street", "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - sure the 70's ones are the classics that we all want to hear though, and the show WAS already at 2.5 hours :)

After two of me faves; "Candle in the Wind" and "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word", things kicked over with the addition of "I'm Still Standing" - this is where the Adelaide crowd impressed me. On the floor, there was not ONE person sitting down from "I'm Still Standing" until the end of "Saturday Night's Allright for Fighting". Those four songs (inc. "Crocodile Rock" and "The Bitch is Back") were a powerhouse. Hundreds of people were literally running from the back of the theatre to the foot of the stage - I hear Elton has a 'hands off' rule to security guards at venues, at shows I've been to the security has held us back - but everyone was free to go up. Crocodile Rock was my favourite part of the show, as everyone joining in, Elton climbing all over his piano, and his entire band stopping playing just so we can sing the "Na Na NAAAAAA" - I love it. After the rock songs he did the signing of autographs, what a legend. Wish I was that close lol.

Crocodile Rock

Of course he came back again; and one last time for "Your Song". The ENTIRE auditorium sung this song. I'm serious - I'm sure there were probably two or three people who weren't singing it - the rest of us; this ones for you.

Crocodile Rock

Funeral For A Friend...Love Lies Bleeding
Bennie And The Jets (extended)
Philadephia Freedom
Rocket Man (extended)
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
Tiny Dancer
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Take Me to the Pilot
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Postcards From Richard Nixon
The Bridge
Candle In The Wind
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
I'm Still Standing
Crocodile Rock
The Bitch Is Back
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Your Song
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GOLD class Elton John tix for the Sydney (Australia) Concert 
04:00am 10/11/2006
  Seats: Section 6, Row K (seat numbers to be disclosed later).
These are such great seats!
See floor plan at

Date: Friday December 1 (the perfect night to go to a concert - no work or school the next day)
Venue: Sydney Entertainment Centre
Asking price: $295! This is such a bargain compared to what sellers on ebay are asking for. I bought quite a few of these awesome tickets, but a few of my friends can't come so I'm selling them at cost price (factoring in booking fees).

The concert:
A perfect early Christmas, birthday or anniversary present. A fantastic way to treat yourself to a great concert at the end of the year.

Elton will be performing the whole show, promised to be 2.25 hours+ long. He will be playing his greatest hits + songs from his new album "The Captain and the Kid", which he wrote with Bernie Taupin.

Payment, pick up and postage:
1) Pick up (free): Sydney CBD area/Ryde area/ Kingsford/Kensington/Randwick area all possible. Payment is cash exchange for tickets.

2) Postage: these postage options available, i.e. normal, registered, next day delivery. Buyer to pay for postage fees above $0.50. Payment via paypal or bank deposit.

email me at z3158037(at)student.unsw.edu.au ASAP to get in quick

03:22pm 08/03/2006
mood: cold
Hello, I just joined because, obviously, I'm an Elton John fan, lol. Does anyone post in here anymore? No posts since November...

Well, I've always like Elton and for the past 2 years I've been a die hard fan. When my fiancee, Charlie, went away to work 2 hours away at a camp for the summer 2 years ago I took solace into a tape of Elton songs my mom had. I listened to it in my car constantly and it gave me comfort while I missed Charlie.

I also have ordered this song/piano book:

I have the CD as well and it rocks. He is one of the few artists that don't have any bad songs (in my opinion).

Hope to see more posts!

P.S. Does anyone else think that Elton was HOT back in his heyday?
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04:30pm 02/01/2006
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03:11pm 11/09/2005
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It's Elton of course :-)Collapse )

pic of the day 
03:04pm 10/09/2005

naughty!!!Collapse )

pic of the day! 
07:56pm 09/09/2005
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Elton leads the orchestra! :-)Collapse )

today's pic 
12:16pm 08/09/2005
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Elton shoots the shit :-)Collapse )

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04:29pm 07/09/2005
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Elton John dedicates song to victims of Katrina at Toronto show Angela Pacienza Canadian Press Wednesday, September 07, 2005 TORONTO (CP) - He may be a bit more subdued than in past years, but Elton John can still rouse an audience with his booming vocals and repertoire of hits. The bespectacled performer packed the Air Canada Centre on Tuesday night with about 16,000 faithful for the first of two sold-out concerts. Early into Tuesday's performance, John dedicated a song to those left homeless by hurricane Katrina. "Since Mississippi was one of hardest hit, we're gonna do this one," he said launching into Porch Swing in Tupelo, a song "about Elvis" from his most recent album, Peachtree Road. John called it "a different sort of show," because instead of playing a steady stream of hits as many fans have come to expect in recent years, he devoted the first half of the concert to the first eight tracks of his new release. "Although it hasn't been a commercial success, it has been a critical one," said John, wearing blue shades and a dark suit embellished with white and gold flora on his right arm. "We love playing it." He may no longer be a current chart-topper, but John continues to draw a loyal - and giddy - crowd. "He stands up there with today's artists," raved Elaine Burke, a 42-year-old pharmacist who drove two-hours from Trenton, Ont., with friends for the show. "I'm not here for his flamboyancy, just good music." The mostly middle-aged crowd politely clapped along to the Peachtree Road segment, which John filled with stories including one about his fiance, Toronto-born film producer David Furnish. John told the audience he "wasted a lot of my life doing a lot of drugs" and subsequently couldn't stay in a relationship. "When I got sober. . .someone walked into my life," he recalled. John and Furnish have been together 12 years, the singer said. "He's been the best thing that's ever happened to me. . . . That's another reason to love Canada, right?" he said after singing My Elusive Drug, written about his beloved. The couple plan to wed on Dec. 21, several weeks after gay civil marriage becomes legal in Britain. As expected, the audience sprang to life when John reached into the past and busted out his pop hits, beginning with Pinball Wizard. Bennie and the Jets was met with whoops and yelps, as was Take Me To The Pilot and the ever-popular Rocket Man - a grandiose, over-the-top version which stretched about 10 minutes. He also dished out chart-toppers I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues, Tiny Dancer, Sad Songs, Levon and Love Lies Bleeding among others. Having ditched his legendary sparkly costumes and other theatrics in the late '80s, John's stage was sparsely decorated, save a pixel board in the background. This left plenty of space for his eight-member gospel choir and his five-piece band. All smiles, John frequently left his perch at the piano to acknowledge the crowd and accept gifts of flowers.
pic of the day 
01:10pm 07/09/2005
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anyone know where this pic was taken?Collapse )

pictures of the day!! 
11:37am 06/09/2005
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(Elton in love...:-)Collapse )

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pic of the day 
09:06pm 05/09/2005

Elton meets an elderly fanCollapse )

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news of the day:-) 
01:52pm 05/09/2005
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Elton John's curtains stolen

Sep 5, 2005, 11:49 GMT
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Elton John performs in concert at Bercy in Paris, France on Tuesday, May 24, 2005. (UPI Photo/David Silpa)

Sir Elton John was reportedly left fuming after his luxurious silk curtains were snatched from his dressing room.

The pop legend was performing in Mijas on the Costa del Sol - and had insisted his room backstage was kitted out in style, according to a report in Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

Show organisers splashed out to get the room ready for the 'Rocket Man' singer, but thieves sneaked in during the show and stole the drapes.

Earlier this year, it was revealed Sir Elton performed for a group of students who had broken into his home thirty years ago - and they only paid him with a crate of beer.

The singer was reminded of the event at a charity concert he performed at Watford Football Club - the soccer team he once chaired.

The students had raided the singer's nearby home after a band failed to turn up to their graduation ball.

A source revealed: "The lads had to show him how they had got through security, and provide him with a crate of brown ale as payment."

11:25pm 04/09/2005
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Elton really has the most beautiful smile!Collapse )

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a new album! :-) 
02:04pm 04/09/2005
  John, Taupin prepare `Captain Fantastic` 2
Sep 3, 2005, 23:29 GMT
LOS ANGELES, CA, United States (UPI) -- Sir Elton John is working with lyricist Bernie Taupin on a sequel to their hit 1975 album 'Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.'

'Captain Fantastic and the Kid' will cover the songwriting duo`s works from 1975 to 2005. It is scheduled for release March 20, 2007 -- five days before John`s 60th birthday, Billboard.com reported.

'I`m starting writing and recording it in Atlanta in January,' John told Billboard. 'It was (Sanctuary Group CEO Merck Mercuriadis`) idea, because he said, `You`re always saying how Bernie has become the Brown Dirt Cowboy` -- he lives on a ranch in Santa Ynez (Calif.) -- and I`m this guy who plays concert after concert, buying art, buying photographs, living a very lavish lifestyle. I`ve become Captain Fantastic.

'We would have been together then about 40 years by the time it comes out,' John said. 'One of the things I`m most proud of in my life is the relationship I`ve had with Bernie.'
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pic of the day 
02:01pm 04/09/2005
   I like this picture, I think it's so sweet. :-)  
pic of the day 
02:23pm 03/09/2005
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News from Google 
03:16pm 02/09/2005
Elton John braced for Colosseum gig
[foto] English popstar declares his love affair with Rome (ANSA) - Rome, September 2 - English popstar Elton John was singing the praises of Rome and Italy as he arrived in the capital on Friday ahead of a much-hyped free concert in front of the Colosseum .

The singer, whose Saturday night show is expected to draw half a million people, entered his swish Roman hotel at lunchtime on Friday, looking dapper in a blue suit, red shirt and sunglasses .

The 58-year-old performer, who has a house in Venice, has been declaring his love of Italy in the run-up to a concert he reportedly sees as one of the highlights of his 30-year career .

"I love the style of Italians, the food, the people, their way of going through life," he said in gushing comments published in several national dailies. "I have a sort of love affair with Italy and Rome." He was expected to go shopping in Rome's chic boutiques during the afternoon and to attend a party in the evening at a secret location and with guests that not even Italy's top paparazzi appear to have identified .

The English star said he knew Saturday's concert would be a "fantastic" event because Italian audiences were always the most enthusiastic ones .

John appears intent on making sure that his show at the Colosseum in Rome on Saturday goes down in history .

"I can't wait to be in Rome to play in front of the Colosseum," he said. "I'm honoured by this chance I have to perform in such a special place and in such a special city." The pianist, singer and showman has padded out his normal collection of songs so that the concert will last a good three hours instead of the usual 90 minutes. He is expected to run through most of his greatest hits, including classics such as Your Song, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Candle in the Wind, Daniel and Crocodile Rock .

A huge, aluminium-and-plastic stage has been erected in front of the Colosseum. At 22 metres by 16, it's twice as big as a normal outdoor concert stage. Organisers say that the construction - complete with 20 tons of lights - will be practically transparent so that the ancient Roman gladiators' arena will dominate the view .

The singer was so keen to get the lights and special effects right that he had an identical stage built in the grounds of his mansion near London. That way he could assess and tweak the planned light show at home. Elton John, born Reginald Dwight, is reportedly anxious to see that his Rome gig is no less spectacular than ones given in the same place by Paul McCartney and Simon & Garfunkel .

Those two acts drew crowds of 500,000 to their concerts in 2003 and 2004 .

With the added threat of terrorism, security will be tight at the concert, which is due to start at 9 pm. The nearby Colosseo metro stop will be closed from the morning and traffic in the area will be diverted from the previous evening .

There will be a massive police presence, with many officers in plain clothes mingling in the crowd. An extra 240 private security guards have also been called in to help .
pitchas!! :-) 
03:13pm 02/09/2005
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Always feel free to add your own!! :-)

The picture for today Collapse )

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